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Bronwyn Main

My name is Bronwyn Main.

I am a senior NZCF sh judge and I live with 3 very spoilt burmese.

My first experience with cat shows was as a teenager when we owned a beautiful blue persian, and were (probably like many before us) encouraged by its breeder to enter a cat show. Since then I have been lucky enough to meet some great people and have had a lot of fun and enjoyment in a very interesting hobby that involves judging, competiting, working at a show, or contributing as a club member.

Along with working full time, my other hobbies include collecting art, fashion design, and am also involved with other community based organisations.

Cat shows to me are all about seeing great cats, learning more about cats, and meeting interesting people (public or exhibitors) all of whom have some wonderful experiences to share; and it is my absolute priviledge to be part of this.