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Cheryl St Clair-Newman

Showing, Breeding, Judging -- it all started for Cheryle when she attended an All Breeds cat show in the late 1960’s. This was the beginning of her interest in longhair pedigree cats.

In 1976 she was granted her prefix under the name of TANIVER, and then began the quest to breed persian solid, dilute and smoke colours. She has continued with the development of the smoke line and is proud of her achievements with this difficult breed (a colour that has caused many interesting discussions.) She has only ever had a small select breeding cattery and it is now even smaller with her energies and care going into looking after other peoples loved cats at her very successful Boarding Cattery.

When she is not in the cattery the rest of her time is spent preparing and training miniature horses for showing and harness which she very much enjoys.
In 1986, Cheryle attained her Longhair Judging Licence. In 1997 she was admitted to the Longhair training panel, where she presently holds the position of Senior Longhair Tutor Judge.
At present Cheryle has stretched her interest by training for her All Breeds licence.