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Christine (Chris) Lowe

All Breeds International Judge

I fell in love with Blue Persians at a young age and it was not long before I wanted to get involved in the breeding of these beautiful cats, and I was lucky enough to be mentored by Joyce Peace (Lynndell Cattery).

Now breeding Exotics & Persians predominantly Bi-colours with will established lines which have bought some wonderful show moments for me and my daughter, including Best in Show at a number of National Shows.

NZCF Role:
All Breeds Tutor Judge
Secretary NZCF
World Cat Congress Delegate
In 2010 I was honoured to receive Life Membership of the NZCF

Club Affiliation: Currently President of Patches & Pointed Inc (an all breeds club specialising in broken coloured cats)

Judges Training: In 1979 I entered NZCF Judges Training Programme and qualified as Longhair Judge in 1981 extending my license to all breeds in 1989. I went onto breed Siamese & Orientals – at that time you had to actually breed in the division that you were seeking a judge’s licence in.  A short time after qualifying this requirement was removed.  I however have never regretted the involvement in another breed and as you can imagine the difference between a Persian & Siamese was rather diverse to say the least with Siamese & oriental babies opening their eyes at 4 days and clambering out of their nest box by the time they were 7 days old compared to the rather sluggish Persian who would rather remain as long as possible in the security of the box and mum of course.

International All Breeds Judging: I thoroughly enjoy the judging scene, the forward thinking of exhibitors working with improvement of lines and of course the interaction with exhibitors and cat lovers from all walks of life. I have judged in most Australian States, The Netherlands, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and Thailand.