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Dorothy Horton

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Dorothy Horton

I have always had at least one cat about the house and started married life with two Sealpoint Siamese. I have been breeding Burmese under the Xzandu prefix since 1968, specialising originally in Blue Burmese. I was involved with Pat Hogan in the development and introduction of Mandalays and was instrumental in the acceptance of Mandalays as a breed by NZCF. I also wrote the Standard of Points for the breed. I am presently the NZCF Breed Standard Representative for Mandalays.

Under the Dreamweaver prefix I also breed Burmillas and have also bred Orientals, Persians and Exotics.

I have been a Senior Shorthair Judge since 1976 and always enjoy judging the many breeds of Shorthair Cat and the varieties therein.

I am currently the President of Shorthair Cat Breeders Association which runs two successful shows a year. I also enjoy cooking, gardening, reading and the occasional lunch out with friends when time allow.