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Maree Roy

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Maree Roy

I've been a cat lover for as long as I can remember – from the childhood days when cute moggies strayed onto our back porch to have their kittens to owning my first Siamese at 23.

'Mickey' went everywhere with my daughter Melyssa and me; picnics, walks, camping trips, the lot. I was hooked! Next was a stunning Ebony Oriental called Ninja and our foray into the cat show circuit way back in 1984.

We started breeding in 1990 with our Siamese Nodrog Zoe under the Xanthe Prefix. An eye for the 'different' led us into torties and bicolours [sometimes together] and more recently the lovely Tonkinese.

I've lived in Martinborough for over 40 years, so now an official 'local', and share home with two cats and a gorgeous Whippet called Rose. Melyssa is now a doctor and lives in Dunedin with her family and two cats as well.

Being a cat judge is hugely enjoyable though jolly hard work. In September 2010 in Christchurch – the weekend before the earthquake! – I qualified as an All-Breeds Judge.

Assessing the high-quality Longhair cats is great –though still a stimulating challenge. I continue to have enthusiasm for learning about 'all things cat' which is ongoing.

My other major passions include Yoga, classical music, walking, reading and gardening.