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Roy Griffiths

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Roy Griffiths

I live with my cats in the quiet suburb of Cashmere in the hills of Christchurch, New Zealand.
A bit damaged by the Earthquakes, as we say here " shaken but not stirred".

Christchurch is starting to rebuild and the strength and unity of the community has developed substantially during this catastrophe.
The cats have been through a traumatic time also but starting to return to their normal lifestyles.

I have been involved with animals all my life, bred and exhibited Weimaraner's ( German Hunting dog) in the Gundog ring to a level of National Champion.

Initially a Devon Rex stole my heart at a cat show. Unfortunately at that time the mopathy problem was being controlled so I settled on Oriental and Siamese. These stole my heart and although never exhibiting them, I owned one of each to a very elderly age of 16yrs+.
Of recent years I managed to acquire a DevonĀ  and have bred and exhibited Devon Rex since.

Presently focusing on an outcross program to expand gene diversity and also bring the cinnamon colour into the Devon Rex gene pool. My extended family and my passion are my cats.

A qualified Steward, Handler and Senior Shorthair Cat Judge and still exhibiting Devon Rexes.
Have held office on the Executive Committee as the Portfolio Manager of the Breeds Standards Advisory of the New Zealand Cat Fancy.

Currently working towards achieving All Breeds status in judging.

Roy Griffiths