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Zena Pigden

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Zena Pigden

I came to pedigree cats by way of a wonderful Siamese.
As well as being a loving and sweetnatured cat she willingly cooperated with my decision when she was five years old, to put her in the local show (and a few subsequent ones).
As one of only two seal point neuter spays in the show she easily walked off with the Best N/S Seal Siamese trophy in one ring and the Runner Up Best N/S Seal Siamese in tthe other.

I was hooked and have continued to be a regular exhibitor as I moved into breeding Birmans and then Maine Coons.

I have been breeding Maine Coons since 1998 and they are my passion and my obsession, but I have found that I enjoy and appreciate every breed of cat - they are all special and each breed has its own unique and fascinating characteristics.