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New Zealand Cat Fancy

The New Zealand Cat Fancy is New Zealand’s largest national body for cat clubs and their members. As such it represents and supports many hundreds of individuals and 21 affiliate clubs throughout the country in their interest in the breeding, welfare, and showing of pedigree and domestic cats.

The New Zealand Cat Fancy has as its objects:

"To promote the best practices for the breeding of registered pedigree cats while supporting quality care of all cats in New Zealand".

If you:

  • have an interest in or passion for cats,
  • are interested in entering the rewarding and challenging world of showing cats,
  • want to learn more about breeding of pedigree breeds, or
  • want to learn more about cat health and welfare issues,

then you should consider becoming a member of the New Zealand Cat Fancy.

The New Zealand Cat Fancy is an organisation able to trace its beginnings back to the early 20th century when New Zealanders interested in pedigree cats first grouped together to form a national body to reflect their interest and has an international profile as a full member of the World Cat Congress. It has an extensive infrastructure throughout the country and a lengthy show season enabling people to show their cats and compete for awards while enjoying meeting and socialising with others with the same interests. During a show season the New Zealand Cat Fancy and its clubs hold at least 25 shows around the country with judges from New Zealand and overseas.

New Zealand Cat Fancy clubs and their members have a wealth of knowledge on the caring for and rearing of all breeds of cats. Members registered with the New Zealand Cat Fancy breed over 50 pedigree breeds, from the familiar to the lesser-known.

Four times a year the New Zealand Cat Fancy publishes for its members a comprehensive magazine called ‘Flash Cats’. The magazine details upcoming shows, coming events, items of interest, and features informative articles on the care and rearing of cats and the many varieties and breeds. Subscription to the magazine is also available to non-members.

Whether you have a domestic cat (a ‘moggy’), a pedigree cat, or no cat at all, the New Zealand Cat Fancy welcomes your membership application.

Membership application forms are available to download via our downloads page. Click here to view our privacy statement.

If you need further details on joining the New Zealand Cat Fancy, or have any queries, please contact the Membership & Prefix Coordinator:

Sharon José, Email: membership@nzcatfancy.org.nz ph: 07 884 9358


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